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App Cloner APK is a wonderful application with the help of which you can create the exact copies of any app you want. It works on both the tablet and smartphone. There is a slight difference between the copy and the original app which is obvious. The copy does not have the same license so it may cause some adverse effects like not proper working of some apps’ copies in some situations. The process of making the copies is very simple. The cloning of apps was never this easier.

All Cloner APK is one of the most popular apps of its category. It can do its work the best way. There are so many people around the world who are using this software. You can read the reviews if you want to know about the performance of this cloner app. This handy app is very much useful for an individual himself or for a business purpose, where a person has to use more than one accounts for one app. So, search for it and download and install the app cloner for Android 2018 now and start using it for multiple accounts in a single app. Any app can be cloned. And the file of the latest version can be downloaded from Google for free. Clone apps like Facebook, Instagram and all others using this file.

The good thing about this is the file size is just a few MB. And there is no effect on the performance on your device. You can play games using more than one account using it. You can change the mode or options anytime. And there are no privacy issues. It has so many versions from v1 to the latest one. Change the icon of a cloned app.


Clone Apps

All you have to do is just select an application for cloning, change its name and that is it. You are done. Yes, it is that simple. The color of the icon will also change so that it becomes easier for you to distinguish between the original one and a copy. App Cloner is an effective application for cloning. There may occur some unwanted things but overall it is good. It makes you able to clone any app of game on your Android smartphone or a tablet. All the famous apps like eBay, Instagram, Skype, Netflix, Dropbox, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. Now you know that there are so many apps that you can clone using this cloner.

Multiple Accounts

App Cloner APK is a very useful app as discussed above. It will help you if you want to use more than one account on any app. This is a very useful app for those people who are using two or more than two accounts on a single app. This will help such people to use all their accounts without extra effort. The extra effort means to log out one account and then login using the other. All you need to do is just clone an app and use any other copy of it for the other account. This app has made it very easy for you.

There are so many people using this application. And has got positive ratings and good reviews from all the people who are using this program. This simply has done its work the best way it can be done. It deserves to be praised on providing this easy way of cloning. It can clone any app in just a few seconds. The services of this app are unique. You can run the apps parallel using it.

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App Cloner APK needs some permissions from your phone.

Technical Information

The technical information of App Cloner APK are:

  • The license is free
  • General category
  • Available in more than 40 languages
  • Over 1,500,000 downloads


App Cloner APK has all the features to help you out. As mentioned above that the main reason this app is developed for is to clone the other Android applications. And for sure it can do it work in a better way.

The key features are:

  • Clone apps in few seconds
  • Batch clone
  • Make multiple clones of any app
  • Change icon colors
  • Incognito mode
  • Apps can be installed on SD card
  • Many more

Start using this app and use it for its purpose. Download it now and clone any Android application you want to. Use more than one account if any app that you want to. So, install it right now and have this app with you to do cloning of different Android apps.

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