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Google WIFI Jetstream ApkGoogle WIFI Jetstream Apk is an application that offers you the full control over Google WIFI points. You can control that from your mobile device. This app simply let you control your network efficiently and conveniently.

You can very easily share your WIFI password with anyone you want. Using this software, you can also see what devices are connected to your network. And you can further prioritize the networks to increase the performance. The device that you set as the prior device, will perform better than the others. There is another advantage that you can block any device you want. You can block kids’ devices for the better performance of other devices. It overall enhances your network’s speed.

You can optimize your internet speed using this app. And it will surely help you get the highest possible performance of your WIFI.

Google WIFI Jetstream Features

Google WIFI Jetstream Apk has many features that help you out in setting up WIFI. You can set up your WIFI very easily in just a matter of few minutes. There is no complication in it. Anyone can use this application without any difficulty. Prioritizing any device will help you get more internet speed on that device. This features can help you in many cases.

Google WIFI Jetstream Apk features

Like when you are working on some important thing and you want more internet speed but the internet is slow because of so many users. Prioritize your device and use high speed internet for your work. You can control the bandwidth usage. Any user can be blocked in just few seconds.


Separate Network

Google WIFI Jetstream also offers you a features in which you can create a separate network. If you want to reserve some specific bandwidth in a network for yourself, you can do that using this feature. Then if someone want to use the internet, they will use the separate network you created. And the reserved network will only be accessed by your device or any other device you allow. It also allow you to change the details of your network. Like you can change the username or password in no time. Everything about this app is so simple. The interface is very user friendly and everything is very clear. You can make any other device as a network manager. That manager can help you in controlling and monitoring the WIFI. You can test your connection speed using this app too.

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The key features of Google WIFI Jetstream Apk are:

  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Block the network access on any device you want
  • Make a device prior to increase the connection speed on that
  • Set up WIFI system in just few minutes
  • Reserve any specific bandwidth or speed of one network and create a separate network if you want
  • Change your network settings like username or password if you want
  • Check the connection speed

Download Google WIFI Jetstream Apk

This app simply optimizes your WIFI. So download it now and set up Google WIFI in no time and start using it.


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Name: Google Wifi Jetstream Apk

File: com. jetstream-BV10167_RC0015.apk

Size: 32 mb

Developed: Google LLC

Android: 7.0 and plus

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