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Pokemon Go Apk

For the interaction purpose, Pokemon Go apk app converts the player city into a colossal video gamepokemon go apk scene. It is developed by Niantic Inc and is available on Google Play Store. The avatar will move along with trainer through the GPS of your device, wherever you go. To capture Pokemon trainers need to go outside your home.

In order to find water Pokemon, trainer need to do world search the water or beach kind of places. Pokemon are of different types and so they are found in those specific places. Plant Pokemon can be found near picnic spots or the places having much greenery. Have this APK downloader now on your Android device. To see if it is compatible with your phone or not, check the compatibility information. It is usually compatible with Android devices. The Pokemon company has many pokemons like poke genie. Teams can also be formed and there is a team leader. This is a lite apk that is safe to download and safe to install. Download and install it right now if you like trainer battle leagues or pokemon games.

Pokemon Go apk makes you search various pokemon in different locations outside your home. The location information is given. Each pokemon have different points. In different locations, the player will get different pokémon stops to get the pokemon. There are many powerful pokemons too.

Pokemon stops are located at the various interesting places within your city. These pokemon stops give trainers a pokemon ball to catch pokemons. Pokemon balls can be bought and restocked before you face off (battles) against any rival trainer. This is one of the best adventure games.

Its one of the best mobile role-playing battles game available for the android users. And you can easily download it from play store.

Features of Pokemon Go

  • To level up the pokemon the player can get the rare buddy candy.pokemon go apk download
  • These candies also help to capture the monsters.
  • To know what you have achieved in the battle, gym badges can be collected.
  • The file size is less, soo take less time to install.
  • New items the badges are available with this update.
  • The huge rings around the pokemonstops indicates these stops.
  • Pokedex provides the searching options of your collected pokemons.
  • Inside the gym various pokemons can be added and they can be used in order they were
    added in.
  • New water starter move is now available.
  • Hydro canon feature is also introduced in version 0.119.4.
  • Now you can make Alolan forms .
  • To counter spams and cheaters, client side tools have been introduced by Pokemon Go.
    apk, known as player reputations.
  • For pokedex by region, a sort ability has been added.

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How to crack Pokemon Go apps?

  1. For this, you need to install the official Pokemon Go apk file.
  2. Download apk file from the button below and install it
  3. To have a fake location, you have to install Fly GPS
  4. Go to the settings and select “GPS service run” and “Joystick location mode”
  5. Now you will get to see a popup message
  6. Now run the Pokemon Go apk

Pros of Pokemon Go apk:

  • Pokemon Go apk is very much clearly defined and is a great adventure game.pokemon go apk free
  • Stepwise levels are given by Pokemon Go apk.
  • It helps in social anxiety very much.
  • Less file size
  • It makes people engaged and active in finding those pokemon balls and all.
  • It gives the player incentive information to discover Pokemon’s and Pokemon balls for catching them.
  • Little details of the environment have been noticed by the player via Pokemon Go apk.

Cons of Pokemon Go apk List :

  • The player have to go outside the home for collecting various things such as pokemon balls,
    pokemons and much more, while playing this game.
  • This game makes a person so much distracted from the studies and the other people around
    him as well.
  • Pokemon Go apk makes the person less social.
  • It takes the player away from reality.

5 Reasons You Must Come Back to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Pro is undoubtedly the best game of its category. There are few similar apps and those are famous apps too. And there are many versions but the best is the latest version of Pokemon Go apk. Here we will give you the 5 clear reasons that you must keep playing this game if you play it already. And it is easily available on Google Play Store.

  1. Better gym and better pokéstop spacing
  2. Amazing fun in raids ( raid battle )
  3. New Pokémon in eggs
  4. Conquering gyms have gone easier
  5. Safari zone event
  6. Raid Boss

These are some new features that are added or enhanced in the updated or latest version of this game. And these are the reasons that make this game more interesting for you. And reasons for you to keep playing this fantastic game. Pokemon Go APK Download is one of the best Android apps (file hashes are also helpful).

Download Pokémon GO 0.123 2 apk Gen Update

Niantic, Inc are the developer of Pokémon GO 0.123 2 apk popular app. The file size for this game variant is 85 MB. The minimum android system required to play this game is 4.4 (KitKat, API 19), it requires Android version over this. The updated game version includes a lot of new features and with that bug in previous versions are also fixed.


  • Generation IV Pokemon
  • 18 New Moves
  • Android AR
  • Meltan’s Secret Number
  • Pokemon messenger
  • bug fixes

Application version 0.123 is also available on google play store for android devices.


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