Rules of Survival Apk v1.261246.275622 for Android 2019

Rules of Survival Apk Mod

rules of survival apkYour opponents are waiting for you in the Rules of Survival APK. This is a third person shooting game that is inspired by PUBG mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground). There are total of 120 players including you on an island having wide variety of weapon and vehicles. As the name shows, this is a survival game. So you have to survive somehow and kill the other players. And the last person alive will crowned as the winner. And there will be only one winner in a game. After the game starts, you have to loot the unlucky and collect weapons for you.

There are also many weapons scattered everywhere. You can collect those from anywhere you see and start fighting your opponents.

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Game Features

Game developed by Netease games. The controls for the Rules of Survival are just like any other game of this genre. On the left side of the screen, there is a directional touch pad with which you can change your direction. By changing the direction from there, you can shoot using the button on the right side of the screen. You can jump or duck by buttons on the right side too. You can also do some action to the vehicles, boxes, weapons, doors etc. There will appear a button when you go near these things. By tapping that button you can perform some action. Another thing that appears on the screen is the map. It appears on the upper right corner and helps you to know your location and the near-by obstacles. The map helps you to know exactly where are you standing at the moment.

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Rules of Survival Battle Royale Update

Rules of Survival Royale App is very similar to the other games of its kind. The match starts when all the players land on the location using the parachute. And the moment they land, their search for the weapons, vehicles and other useful things start. Another limitation is the deadly field that surrounds that battleground. That field keeps on getting smaller. And of course you have to escape from that anyway. There are all the requirements in the map to escape from it. You can use motorcycles, cars, trucks etc.

Game Modes

There are different game modes in this application. The first one is to play alone and fight all the other players who are also playing alone. Means that everyone is alone and the only aim for everyone is to kill all others. On the other side, you can also play in pairs or in small teams like a team of 4. This game has more than 100 players per game but the graphics are still good. The match usually lasts for 15 or 20 minutes depending on how good you are in it. You can take more time if you are a good player. One of best surviving  games for android.

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What’s New In Battle Royale?

  • Players can sprint continuously using auto sprint function
  • Pop-up message to remind the players to download the iron sights for FPS mode is changed
  • Scope vision made better
  • Hacking detection is also optimized

Download this game free from google play store now and enjoy playing this fantastic online game with hundreds of other players from different parts of the world.

File Details:

Name: com.netease.chiji

Size: 2078.58 mb

Android: 4.0+

Version: 1.261246.275622

Category: Action/Adventure


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