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Super Mario Run APK Latest Version App

super mario run apkSuper Mario Run APK is not only a parkour game, but is more like a puzzle checker. This game is a complete fun in itself that is very engaging. You will surely love it. As this is not that difficult game, so, it will not frustrate you rather you will enjoy playing it.

The game is very simple and has no complications in the game-play. The character “Mario” forwards and make short jumps automatically. You just need to focus on the springy leap of the character. This is an old game and the newer versions have the same concept as the older one.


Mario will run automatically but there are few things that you need to control by yourself to make the gameplay interesting. You can perform a quick hop by tapping on the screen. Or tap a little longer for a long jump, do the zigzag movement, or few other things like this. You will get to know about this more if you play it. This game has so many players who are playing it for so long. But the new players also like it as it is tension free and easy to play game. If you are tired of work and want to refresh your mind, this is one of the best ways you can do that.

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